Great Start Customized
Users 3 Unlimited
Complete ACE Filing (includes all PGA forms)
DIS (Document Imaging System) via ABI
ISF, 7512 (Inbond), e214 (FTZ)
Intelligent Billing & Check Writing Modules
Seamless QuickBooks Integration
Comprehensive Reporting & Excel Data Download
Complete User Manual (updated and available with each new release)
Personalized User Training Options
Brokerage Management Console  
Multi-office Visibility & Shipment Management  
Reconciliation Module  
Automated Export System (AES)  
Integrated DropBox for Business Document Imaging & Transaction Backup  
ERP Integration via API & EDI  
Automated Billing Delivery System (includes document imaging)  
Customizable ERP Accounting Integration  
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Additional Stand-Alone Services

ISF, 7512 & e214

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ACELYNK is the Premier Brokerage and Import & Export Filing Solution for Electronic Filing with the US Customs.
File all your required documents with ease, get status alerts and advance your business with all the amazing features ACELYNK offers.
Our Mission:To be the leading cloud gateway to ACE by connecting people and ERP's to US Customs in real-time.