Client Testimonials 

Our customers’ satisfaction is always our ultimate goal. We are therefore extremely honored when we receive feedback from our clients for the quality of our work, our product and our commitment to their success.



“As a newly licensed customs broker, I was looking to partner with a software company to start and grow my business.  I considered many customs brokerage software options, reviewed several demo presentations and decided on Acelynk for their web-oriented technology, ease of look and feel, not to mention functionality, and willingness and flexibility to work with a small, start-up company like mine. 

Acelynk system is easy to use.  I can always count on Acelynk support to accommodate any specific needs that I might have, promptly.  Moreover, they regularly make improvements and create new features and make them available to me at no additional cost.  I can rest assured knowing that Acelynk is going to help my business stay on top of the advancing technology in customs brokerage software. 

Thanks for Acelynk, my business is growing continually.  I am looking forward to a long and successful partnership with Acelynk. “

– Herra Chong Namhie, CHB



“As the president of Associates in Global Logistics and personally with over 30 years experience as a US Customs broker, AGL looks for cutting edge technology and new software approaches to make our job easier.  AGL evaluated various software packages before deciding on AceLynk and their software.  Their attention to detail and ease of use makes it easy for us to satisfy our customers and to stay on top of USCBP changes.  We know our relationship will be a long one and recommend AceLynk to both importers and to other US Customs brokers.

Associates in Global Logistics needs to have support from its software vendor to ensure our customer needs our met.  We have found that with AceLynk.  They are available 24/7 365 days a year.  We have called them at 4:00 AM as an example and they are able to fix our issue promptly.   Importers also benefit from the same service and AceLynk is a leader in customer service.

With increasing demands on US Customs Brokers and their software packages, finding software firms who are true leaders is not always easy.  We made a choice to use AceLynk and they have shown their leadership qualities by training our staff, partnering with us with respect to client requirements,  and partnering in developing best practice standards so that we can improve our relationship with USCBP so that we can rest assured that because of our high standards our clients will benefit from our relationship.”

– Charles F. McFeeters Jr. LCB CCS

Associates in Global Logistics