“We are a surety or surety agent company and need complete eBond filing capability with the US Customs.”

Use ACELYNK eBond to easily file eBond applications directly with the US Customs and receive the issued bond numbers within seconds.

ACELYNK eBond is for surety or surety agent companies who are looking for the most comprehensive and intuitive electronic filing system that the industry has to offer. Our solid and secure technological platform ensures you stay compliant; streamlining your eBond processing, adding control and visibility while significantly reducing costs.

ACELYNK makes completing and filing your eBonds extremely easy. The system remembers previous filings, which can be used as templates for filing new bonds. ACELYNK’s data validation tool checks data for correctness eliminating the risk of error. You may also submit your eBonds directly to ACELYNK via EDI.

ACELYNK eBond gives you the flexibility to easily access your entries 24/7 from anywhere using any device with browser access.

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What is Included:

  • Complete access to the entire ACELYNK platform
  • One-on-one training sessions
  • Everything needed to get started
  • No contracts
  • ACELYNK Assurance
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