“We are an FTZ operator looking for easy and affordable software platform to file and manage our warehouse activities.”

Use ACELYNK’s easy e214 form to create and submit your FTZ admissions and concurrence. Receive immediate authorization to receive shipments. With ACELYNK FTZ you can be up and running within the same day! It is is easy to learn and it memorizes your previous filings and minimizes your keying.

ACELYNK FTZ is for Foreign Trade Zone operators who want to significantly reduce their filing costs and speed up their operations.

Use ACELYNK’s easy forms to key in your e214 data and receive immediate authorization to receive and concur shipments. Gain control over your shipments without sacrificing compliance.

ACELYNK makes completing and filing e214 extremely easy. The system remembers all previous filings, which can be used as templates for filing new e214. ACELYNK’s data validation tool checks all data for correctness eliminating the risk of error. You may also submit your data directly to ACELYNK via EDI.

ACELYNK FTZ gives you 24/7 access from anywhere using any device with browser access.

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What is Included:
• One-on-one training sessions
• Everything needed to get started
• No contracts
• ACELYNK Assurance
• ACELYNK Promise

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