ACELYNK Navigator Pro 

“Navigator Pro was designed for Customs brokerage and firms with multiple office locations and users. It enables EDI integration with trade partners and its open architect is perfect to seamlessly integrate with ERP and accounting systems.”

Navigator Pro includes all the features available in ACELYNK Navigator, but provides a comprehensive and open platform to larger firms that need global visibility and controls in the more complex operations.


Navigator Pro provides the most comprehensive features for managing a brokerage business.

Navigator Pro allows you to offer your customers variety of technologies commonly used in the industry, including (API, XML, and EDI). Our highly skilled IT team will partner with your enterprise at any level required to  integrate your customers’ ERP system and help streamline their supply chain.

Our solid and secure technological platform ensures you stay compliant; adding control and visibility while significantly reducing import costs.

ACELYNK’s data validation system ensures accuracy of your data, reducing the risk of errors and increasing your compliance.

Acknowledgments and status of your entries are automatically captured by ACELYNK from CBP and are immediately returned and accessible by you and your customers.

What is Included:
• Complete access to the entire ACELYNK platform
• Free IT consulting for integration projects
• One-on-one training sessions
• Everything needed to get started
• ACELYNK Assurance
• ACELYNK Promise


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