ACELYNK Navigator 

“Navigator is perfect for Customs brokers looking for affordable and ACE certified software that helps streamline their operation.”

ACELYNK Navigator gives you the flexibility to easily access your entries 24/7 from anywhere, using any device with browser access. There are no technology purchases, installations or maintenance. Even the ABI line is provided and managed by ACELYNK and is included as part of your monthly subscription.

ACELYNK’s state of the art software platform will ensure that all your filing needs are met. The platform is continually updated to comply with the regulatory changes and is made available at no additional cost to our users.


ACELYNK Navigator provides Customs Brokers with the most comprehensive
and intuitive electronic filing system that the industry has to offer.

Our expert consultants will guide you through the steps needed to obtain your operational status and have you ready to start filing within 4-6 weeks.

ACELYNK Navigator provides full access to the ACELYNK portal where you will be able to key and submit entries directly to Customs in real time. Acknowledgments from Customs are immediately returned and accessible to the filer.

ACELYNK makes completing and filing entries extremely easy. The system remembers all previous filings, which can be used as templates for filing new shipments. Data collected in one form is available in other forms to eliminate redundant keying. Data validation tools check your input for correctness, reducing the risk for errors.

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What is Included:

  • All modules are included in every pricing tier
  • One-on-one training sessions
  • Everything needed to get started
  • No contracts
  • ACELYNK Assurance
  • ACELYNK Promise


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