ACELYNK Truck eManifest 

Truck eManifest“We deliver shipments between Canada, U.S. and Mexico U.S. We need a robust and easy system to file our ACE and ACI truck manifest.”

Use ACELYNK ACE & ACI Truck eManifest to move your truck shipments across Canadian and Mexican borders fast and easy.

ACELYNK eManifest Portal

File Your ACE & ACI Truck eManifests the Easy Way

ACELYNK Truck eManifest was designed for speed… You should be able to make an eManifest in as little as 1 minute. T.E. Smith created and filed their FIRST eManifest through ACELYNK in under 2 minutes! And, the more manifests you create with ACELYNK, the faster it becomes. That’s because ACELYNK remembers how you create manifests and offers suggestions along the way.

Entering manifests using ACELYNK will drastically improve your processing times, saving your company both money and time!

ACELYNK Truck eManifest learns! – That’s right, our software actually remembers all of your duplicated information (like driver names, truck IDs, trailers, regular loads, etc) so you don’t have to re-type the same information over and over again. Just click, pick, save and send!

Sign up today… It’s free for 30 days!

Send ACE & ACI Truck eManifests fast! ACELYNK is an easy way to comply with U.S. and Canada customs regulations. You’ll be able to send your mandatory eManifests quickly and reliably every time! You don’t have to take our word for it, you can use ACELYNK Truck eManifest FREE for 30 days with no obligation!

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Here are some of the features of ACELYNK Truck eManifest:

  • Complete uniformity and conventions in every form. Once you learn how to enter your information on one form, you’ll know how to do it on all forms. No more frustration like in the ACE Portal. That’s right, you can use the “Back Button” again! And you won’t be constantly scrolling down or waiting for a page to load.
  • Intelligent programming memorizes how you make manifests and makes suggestions for you. When you enter a commodity description, it displays a drop down of all the other commodity descriptions you’ve previously entered. When you start a trip, ACELYNK suggests a Trip Number based on your last one used.
  • Lightning fast search tool in every field you are completing. For example, to enter your U.S. Port of Arrival, you can start by typing the port code or the port name. A dropdown will present all port names with partial match in “Google-like” manner for easy reference.

ACELYNK ACE & ACI Truck eManifest will improve your processing times, saving your company money and time!