Import Made Easy 

The US Customs and Border Protection (USCBP) has officially certified ACELYNK to serve as a service bureau to importers and customs brokers who need to gain the release of merchandise at the borders or ports of entry.

ACELYNK enables electronic filing of entries and obtains real-time release of merchandise at any border or port in the United States.  Duties and fees are automatically calculated by the system and electronic payments to Customs are initiated from its web portal.

ACELYNK’s web portal empowers importers and customs brokers with “smart” forms, which transmit the entry data to CBP and instantaneously retrieve the release status back into the portal. From here, the importer is authorized to arrange for the delivery of the shipment to its final destination in the US.

The portal securely houses all the data from the commercial invoice, carriers’ bills of lading, parts & tariffs, manufacturers and the participating governmental agencies. In addition, supporting document images can be uploaded for safe keeping alongside of each import shipment. The portal is essentially an import management software with the backend power to directly communicate with the US Customs.

Because the portal is hosted in the cloud, everything is accessible 24/7 and from anywhere using any device that supports a browser. For example, you can start entering a shipment at work using your PC but transmit to CBP and release your shipment using your iPad from the airport.

Economics of Cloud technology makes it possible for ACELYNK to offer its solution to enterprises with thousand of employees as well as small businesses with single users. Accounts are billed by the number of shipments regardless of the number of required filings and company size.

ACELYNK API provides a flexible digital interface to companies that are interested in integrating their systems and avoid manual keying of their shipment data. This interface is an option that is available to all ACELYNK clients.