Import Compliance 

ACELYNK Customs Compliant

The Mod Act (Customs Modernization and Informed Compliance Act), sets up a system of checks and balances in the import industry.

The compliance obligations, documentation requirements, and culpable responsibilities no longer sit solely on the shoulders of Customs and Boarder Protection (CBP). Instead, these regulations are disseminated between importers and Customs Brokers with the final check performed by Customs.

The invention of import compliance software has taken the guesswork out of the equation. The programming breaks down the reporting process into basic steps to insure that the records sent to Customs are accurate and error-free. ACELYNK has put several stop-gaps in place to create an efficient user-friendly system of compliance.

ACELYNK streamlines the requirements by making specific components automatic. The software aligns itself with the latest CBP Codes (from FIRMS to Release Ports and many more), reform and regulatory changes, and all active tariffs. This helps eliminate the inconsistencies by archiving all of the applicable resources in one place. There’s also real-time response to any inaccuracies reported to the CBP which corresponds with the cargo-release status.

Since importers and brokers are required to show due diligence in compliance procedures, this documentation stands as proof those proper protocols have been followed. Tools like: ACELYNK eVault, ACELYNK Portal, product-specific classifications, the default value memorizer, and entry number generator make the record keeping process easily traceable and more efficient.

All in all, ACELYNK helps importers to:
• Demonstrate “reasonable care”
• Promote cost-effectiveness
• Reduce Customs penalties
• Improve efficiency
• Streamline the Customs verification process

Top ACELYNK Compliance Features:

  • Entire library of CBP codes programmed as lookups while completing forms
  • Entire Harmonized Tariff Schedule available and updated as published by CBP
  • Keeps record of each import trasmission, its related Customs messages and Customs forms images
  • Unlimited storage allowing secure upload and retrieval of supporting shipment documents such as commercial invoice and the carrier bills
  • Timely electronic payment of Duties & Fees

Additional Compliance Related Features:

ACELYNK stores your classifications as completed by your Customs Broker and it uses the correct tariff each time the product is used in a shipment.

ACELYNK stores all active tariffs provided by CBP. Our automated tariff update process ensures accurate reporting of units and duty calculations for each line item in your shipment. ACELYNK also provides a tariff lookup query to quickly find tariff duty rates according to effective trade agreements, special indicators and more.

Participating Governmental Agencies:
ACELYNK automatically scrutinizes each tariff that is used in your part classification and makes the additional forms (FDA, FCC and DOT) available for completion.

Automated Entry Number Generator:
ACELYNK’s Automated Entry Number Generator automatically generates entry numbers according to CBP rules, and it ensures the numbers’ uniqueness, thereby eliminating time consuming tasks and possible human error.

Real-time CBP Response Display:
ACELYNK provides one of the fastest connections with CBP. Upon submission of your entry to Customs Acelynk will retrieve and display all responses to your submission in real-time.

Unlimited Image and Storage:
CBP requires that you keep all documents related to entries for 5 years. ACELYNK keeps your completed Customs forms and shipping document images for easy and secure access when needed.

Form Memorizer:
The form memorizer quickly save the data you wish to keep as a default form fields. Future entries will be filled in automatically reducing redundant keying.

FIRMS code:
The Facilities Information and Resources Management System (FIRMS) is a set of codes that are assigned by Customs. The FIRMS location must be bonded and on file in the Automated Manifest System (AMS). ACELYNK ensures  that all facility names and codes are available to you and easily searchable.

Country Code:
Cargo is brought in from many different places, and Customs scrutinizes this information due to security concerns. If you are unaware of the country code needed ACELYNK will automatically provide you with the correct one based on the country name.

Currency Code:
All currency codes, from the Afghani to the Zimbabwean Dollar, are programmed into ACELYNK.

Port Lading, Port Unlading & Release Ports Codes: 
Customs tracks where all the cargo has been loaded, unloaded, and released from with each port having its own code. ACELYNK has all port codes already programmed in.