Import Management Portal 

In a world that’s on the go our phones and tablets have become our mobile offices. This is why ACELYNK is built on the most advanced technology that you can securely access from anywhere!ACELYNK Portal

ACELYNK’s Import Management portal can be accessed using only a browser and an internet connection. Having eliminated complex hardware and software installations ACELYNK can be anywhere you are – on your iPhone, iPad, PC, Mac, Android and most other devices. Easily access your account entries, check the status of your shipments and take advantage of all the amazing features ACELYNK offers.

The portal’s auto validation tool checks the entered data for correctness eliminating the risk of error and ensuring required data elements have been entered. Customs codes tariffs and duty rates are automatically updated as published by CBP. The portal offers all the required forms needed to submit your entry. Data collected in one form is automatically copied to other forms in order to complete the filing process most efficiently. CBP response is retrieved and displayed within seconds of submitting an entry.

Top Benefits:

  • Browser neutral interface allowing access from a myriad of platforms and devices.
  • Absolutely no hardware or software installations necessary.
  • 99.95% uptime with 24/7 access to application, data and files from anywhere you are.
  • ACELYNK offers the highest level of security to ensure all data is safe.

Top Features:

  • ABI & ACE electronic transmission of forms: cf-3461, cf-7501, cf-7512, e-214 (FTZ), cf-5106, cf-6043, Importer Bond query and Manufacturer MID query
  • Integrated electronic filing of FDA and Prior Notice, FCC, DOT and APHIS
  • CBP responses in real-time as you transmit
  • Automated Invoice Interface (AII)
  • Remote Location Filing (RLF)
  • Paperless entry processing
  • Automated lookups
  • Data memorization and validation for ease and accuracy
  • Auto-fill intelligence (system ensures correct OGA and all other necessary CBP data has been entered correctly – bringing up only the necessary forms needed.)
  • Automatic data sharing between forms
  • Copy and save functions to facilitate data entry
  • Ample and free store space for your data
  • Accessible from anywhere
  • Available 24/7

ACELYNK APPMore Features:

  • Create templates from existing shipments and save them for future use minimizing data entry.
  • Save your data and submit your entry to Customs with a click of a button.
  • All ABI related codes and tables are stores and automatically maintained within the system.
  • Harmonizes Tariff Schedule (HTS) is stored and automatically updated.
  • Tariff units of measure are instantly shown eliminating time-consuming lookups.
  • Entry filing types are easily accessed via auto-lookups and drop-downs.
  • Auto-generated entry numbers.
  • Data memorization ensures shipping parties (consignee, buyer, etc), parts, and ports of release are automatically stored for subsequent entries.

Automated Invoice Interface (AII)Automated Invoice Interface (AII) allows Customs to view your invoices and other related filings electronically. ACELYNK electronically submits invoices with just a click of a button.

Remote Location Filing (RLF)RLF allows for the electronic filing of entries with CBP from anywhere within the Unites States without needing to be at the port of arrival or location of examination. Benefits of RLF are simplified processes with Customs as well as reduced cycle and clearance times. ACELYNK is RLF capable.

Form Intelligence:ACELYNK’s form intelligence intuitively discerns which forms are necessary for a particular entry. This ensures for prompt and accurate communications with CBP.

Inventory/Parts Table:Whether it is 10 or 100,000 parts, ACELYNK can easily store all data for future use. Easily and quickly access your inventory or part number using the auto-lookup or drop-down functionality. Electronic upload of your existing inventory data is also available.

Trading Partner Table:Many importers often use the same trading partners for multiple entries. ACELYNK stores all previously saved trading partners allowing for ease of entry.

Template Driven Filing:Importers may frequently invoice the same companies and the same items. Save time and eliminate redundancy by saving invoice templates for future use.