Integration With Customs 

We recognize filing your shipment data with the US Customs and instant visibility to their response could be vital to the timely release of your shipments at the border or port. ACELYNK makes it possible for your organization to directly submit the required data to the US Customs and gain the release of your merchandise in minutes.

In addition to our web-based portal, which allows for manual keying and submission of entries, we have developed state-of-the-art API that allows organizations to link their ERP systems to the USCBP for seamless filing of their entries or query purposes. Traditionally, this was only possible by using customs brokerage companies; but now ACELYNK provides this technology directly to importers.

Having a fully integrated system with CBP eliminates filing fees, reduces the number of touch points increases compliance.

Our open and flexible API works with any file format (EDI, XML, CSV and Excel) from existing IT systems. This removes a major hurdle for organizations that are burdened by limited IT resources and budgets.

Top Benefits:

  • Effortless integration into your current supply chain
  • Eliminates the need for manual and redundant data entry, emails and faxes
  • Speeds up the release of your merchandise
  • Eliminates filing charges
  • Highly secure and available 24/7

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