Record Keeping System (eVault) 

USCBP compliance rules require filers to save shipment documents for five years and produce them upon request. Are your documents guarded against fire and water damage? Can you easily locate documents related to a shipment that entered five years ago?

ACELYNK eVaultWith ACELYNK eVault, your company will never have to worry about losing shipping documents again. We take care of it for you – at no additional charge!

ACELYNK eVault offers these benefits:

  • Find and print original shipment documents in seconds
  • Never worry about loss of documentation due to fire or flood damage
  • Improve your compliance
  • Secure & redundant backup

ACELYNK eVault provides the most comprehensive digital record keeping, backup and recovery system in the trade industry. ACELYNK eVault enables Customs brokers and importers upload their documents and safely store them as part of their entries. Our eVault technology empowers users with fast and easy search capability of their documents. Find your filing and retrieve events, notes and document images pertaining to each of your shipments. Connect to CBP’s ACE Document Imaging System and easily submit your documents electronically upon CBP or OGA’s request.

Document Imaging

The eVault imaging feature provides users with the ability to upload and store images of files (commercial invoices, bills, OGA licenses, etc.) for future referencing, backup, recovery and retrieval purposes. Easily drag and drop one or more documents from your desktop into the ACELYNK web interface and upload for safe keeping.

ACELYNK automatically generates CF-3461, CF-7501, CF-7512, CF-214 and proforma invoice from your filings and stores them for printing, emailing and future reference.

Custom Status & Subsequent Messages

Never miss CBP status messages of your filings. ACELYNK’s automated queue maintains a 24/7/365 watch over all ABI and ACE communication queues. This process retrieves every ABI and ACE message (status updates, document requests etc) that is sent by CBP. It then locates the associated entry transaction and stores the messages chronologically for your review.


The eVault notes feature gives users the ability to key in information, event and important notes about each of their shipments. Copy and paste content from emails and various documents directly into each of your entries. Each “note” is stored with a date/time stamp as well as the identity of the user. Reference all historical notes easily and chronologically.