Post Summary Corrections Deadline Extended by CBP 

In a general notice dated November 1, 2017, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced they will extend the deadline for filing post summary corrections (PSC). The new deadline requires a PSC within β€œ300 days of the date of entry or 15 days prior to the scheduled liquidation date, whichever is earlier.” Previously, PSCs needed to be transmitted within 270 days of the date of entry but not within 20 days of the scheduled liquidation date.

In addition to the extended deadline, CBP also expanded the entry types that may be corrected to include temporary importation bonds (TIB; type 23). However, on a PSC for a TIB entry, the entry type may not be changed. β€œFor example, a PSC may correct the value declared on a TIB entry, but it may not change the classification of the article to a classification that is not entitled to be filed as a TIB entry, as that classification change would necessarily change a TIB entry to another entry type.”