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AGL ABI Software
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  • 5 starsUser Experience
  • 5 starsCustomer Service
  • 5 starsEase of Entry Filing
  • 5 starsCBP Compliance

Import & file entries with an online leader

  • Pioneer in online and electronic filing for over 10 years;
  • Over 2.5 million transactions filed;
  • Easy, intuitive online and EDI ABI filing;
  • 24/7 Support;
  • ACELYNK Assurance;
  • ACELYNK Promise.

Low pricing & extraordinary value

  • Priced flexible to serve large enterprise and small business;
  • Free software and regulatory mandate updates;
  • No additional storage charges;
  • No annual software fees;
  • No hardware or software to install;
  • Fully web/mobile compatible;
  • Highly secure & redundant.

Full range of choices & innovative solutions

  • Complete ABI platform for Customs Brokerage;
  • Includes all required filing types for importers;
  • API & XML electronic filing for enterprise integration;
  • Entry status alerts via web or API;
  • Duty and Fees calculator via web or API;
  • Most comprehensive ACE & ACI Truck eManifest platform.

Industry Leader for over 10 Years

Whether you’re new to Customs filing, an experienced broker, or a self-filing importer, ACELYNK has everything your business needs to gain competitive advantage.

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  • Instant Visibility to Shipments, Duties, Fees, Customs’ Messages

  • Dashboard Organizes Entries, Images & Notes

  • Minimizes Errors and Delays, Maximizes Compliance

  • Fast, Easy, Always Available

  • Reduce Your Compliance Risks

  • Simplify Your Work

  • Lower Your Brokerage Costs

  • No Contracts

  • All Software Updates Are Included

  • No Hardware or Software Installations

  • Fully Web/Mobile Accessible – 100% Platform Neutral

  • Highly Secure and Redundant Technology

Full Range of ABI & ACE Filing

Whatever your ABI and ACE filing needs are, you’ll get the features you need – all at exceptional value.

  • Real-time CBP Response as you file;
  • Automated Invoice Interface (AII) Filing;
  • Electronic filing for: ISF, 3461, 7501, ACE AE, 7512, e214, 5106 & RLF/AII;
  • Electronic filing for OGA: FDA, Prior Notice, FCC, DOT & Lacey;
  • Automated Harmonized Tariff Schedule updates as published by CBP;
  • Filing Intelligence ensures required forms are prompted;
  • Create templates of existing entries and eliminate redundant keying.

Free Training & Client Care

Customs filing and release of entries requires knowledge and training on the use of ACELYNK. Personalized training on our software and guiding you through obtaining your Filer Code and assignment of your CBP representative is included in all of our service offerings.

  • One-on-one hands on trainings via web meeting software
  • Assigned account manager for continued support and questions
  • Assistance with writing and submitting your Letter of Intent
  • Access to experienced Customs brokers and consultants

Innovation Powerful Technology to Make Filing Easy

Our Innovative ABI & ACE filing tools deliver the ultimate in ease-of-use without sacrificing power

Reporting & Analysis
your entire import data, when and how you want it.

securely store your shipping documents in ACELYNK Cloud and never worry.

Import Tools
calculate your duties & fees liability before you ship.

Total Mobility
File your entries, find the status of your shipments from anywhere 24/7

Guidance & Value for your Imports

ACELYNK has the technology, tools & complimentary guidance to help you achieve and maintain operational status from CBP. And we’re ready to work with you one-on-one to make it happen. From writing your Letter of Intent, to taking you through your operational testing, to filing your first entry. Speak to an ACELYNK account manager now at

Complimentary guidance

  • One-to­one Entry Requirement Evaluation
  • Access to seasoned Customs brokers
  • Complimentary Supply Chain Services

Full range of entry types

  • Air, Vessel & Border
  • ISF,Release, InBond, Entry Summary, Foreign Trade Zone, Remote Location Filing
  • Importer ID Input Record
  • Delivery Ticket
  • Delivery Order

Exceptional value

  • No annual software fees
  • ACELYNK Assurance
  • ACELYNK Promise

Beyond Price

Our definition of value includes more than just low per entry pricing. We give you the help and support you need to achieve fast release of your entries, whenever you need it.

  • Reduce Your Compliance Risks
  • Simplify Your Imports
  • Lower Your Costs
  • All Software Updates Are Included
  • No Hardware or Software Installations
  • Fully Web/Mobile Accessible – 100% Platform Neutral
  • Highly Secure and Redundant Technology
  • 24/7 Emergency Support With Callback Guarantee

Customs Brokers Our Exclusive Program for Customs Brokers

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Take your brokerage business to another level with our program with access to:

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